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Muchmore’s has two event slots 7 night/week: 6:00-8:30pm and 9pm-midnight (1am on Friday and Saturday). The early slot is great for smaller comedy shows, spoken word events, and open mics. The later slot is great for concerts and bigger comedy events.

The quickest way to make a booking is to e-mail us [info@muchmoresnyc.com] with a night of programming (i.e. completed music bill) that will completely fill one of the slots on a date in the future. The venue capacity is 75 and we expect weekend events to fill the house.


We ask that you heavily promote your event with a public Facebook event at least one month in advance.


Muchmore’s does not charge for the use of the event space, however shows that require us to have a sound tech carry a fee of $50 Sun-Thurs and $75 Fri-Sat. A sound tech is typically required for the late music shows. Aside from that, you choose a cover charge (or free!), oversee running the door and keep 100% of the revenue. When collecting your door cover you will set up at the entrance to the show space, and not the bar itself.


We want you to sound good! Muchmore’s typically provides a mandatory sound person for concerts. However, if the bar makes $500 or more during your weeknight show, or $1000+ on weekends, we cover the sound engineer cost.


-1 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40 watt guitar amp
-1 Fender Rumble 200 bass amp
-Drum shell kit with hardware (please bring snare, cymbals, pedal, hi hat clutch, etc.)
-8 channel board, QSC mains and two monitors
-2 microphones
-2 DI Boxes


Muchmore’s is committed to being a safe space, and our restrooms are gender neutral. BYOB is STRICTLY prohibited and monitored. Please respect our neighbors and lower your voices when out front.


Please e-mail info@muchmoresnyc.com to bring your private event to Muchmore’s.


Original Content Only: Muchmore’s provides a venue solely for the performance of original music and content. We do not book cover bands or allow the performance of cover songs in the venue. The performance of music to which you do not own the rights could result in you becoming liable for penalties of up to $150,000 per unlicensed performance. See 17 U.S.C. Sec. 504. All background music played at Muchmore’s is licensed through DMX / Pandora for Business.