2015 Muchmores 1


 Beer Selection

Draft $6
Bell’s Porter
Lagunitas IPA
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
DownEast Cider
Sixpoint Crisp Pilsner

Bottles & Cans
Abita Big Easy IPA
Porterhouse Oyster Stout
Bluepoint Toasted Lager
Bell’s Oarsman Wheat Ale
Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch Belgian IPA
Narragansett & Narragansett Light

Coffee, Tea, & Food

Hot pour-over Coffee  – local Oslo beans  $3
Cold Brew New Orleans (iced coffee) 67% less acid than hot coffee; taste is smooth; steeped in room temperature water in a Toddy  $3
Cold Brew Kyoto (iced coffee) – grinds are filtered with a ceramic filter & steeped in ice-cold water via the device in the window; has more bite than Nola cold brew $3
Iced Mocha – new orleans cold brew, milk, chocolate syrup (espresso upon request) $4
Hot Mocha – milk, cocoa powder, espresso  $4
Cappuccino (hot or iced) – frothed milk, espresso  $4
Latte (hot or iced) – steamed milk, espresso  $4
Espresso – one shot of espresso  $3
Americano – hot water, espresso $3
Macchiato – small amount of steamed milk, espresso  $3
Cafe Au Lait – hot coffee and steamed milk  $4
Red Eye (hot or iced) – pour over or cold brew coffee with a shot of espresso  $4
Chai Latte (hot or iced) – chai, milk  $4
Dirty Chai Latte (hot or iced) – chai, espresso, milk  $4


Merlot, napa valley, california, 2012 – dark purple color; excellent blend with aromas of blackberry, sour cherry and toasted cedar $8
Monestrell, jumilla, spain, 2013 – made with organic monestrell grapes, conveys great aromatic complexity, richness, and length; mouth filling and bold  $8
Cabernet Sauvignon, lodi, california, 2011 – certified sustainably grown; structured with juicy black fruit flavors, floral aromas and a rich finish  $8
Carmenere, maipo valley, chile, 2013 – made with organic grapes on an alluvial terrace of the river maipo; imbues aromas of spices and notes of fresh fruit  $8
Pinot Noir, napa and sonoma, california, 2012 – this award winning, ruby colored wine has aromas of raspberry, leading to a soft, velvety finish  $8
Malbec, mendoza, argentina, 2013 – made with organic grapes, rich aromas include black current, pepper notes and cassis; the palate reveals silky tannins.

Chardonnay, st. helena, california, 2012 – well balanced with warm flavors of wildflower & honey, juxtaposed with hints of meyer lemon  $8
Sauvignon Blanc, robertson, south africa, 2014 – fresh aromatic nose, this is a crisp, dry wine with plenty of zesty gooseberry and apple flavors  $8
Pinot Grigio, delle venezie, italy, 2013 – tart and crisp, the finish is fresh on the palate  $8

Rose, cotes de provence, france, 2013 – this wine has a beautiful rose petal color with hints of orange; a fresh nose with notes of peach and strawberries  $7

Cocoa di Vine, washingtonville, new york – this sinful, creamy, decadent wine offers a rich chocolate experience and silky finish  $7


Soju by the Shot – a staple across Korea and Japan, soju has a high alcohol content (20%) and is traditionally distilled from rice, clear and semi sweet  $3
Soju in a Carafe – for one or two persons, each carafe comes with a set of white ceramic shot glasses and holds six shots of soju  $9


SharkMuffin – Porterhouse Stout + Chocolate Wine

Fruit & Flowers – Rose Spritzer

Ex-Girlfriends – Soju & Cider

BirdCloud – Soju + Ginger Beer w/Bitters

Teas, Sodas, Juices

English Breakfast (black, caffeine) – organic, most popular blend of teas $3
Blue Lady (black, caffeine) – organic, semi-sweet, creamy and smooth  $3
Green Sencha Japanese (moderate caffeine) – whole green tea leaves  $3
Rose Petal (black, caffeine) – black tea leaves, rose petals, natural rose essence  $3
Pu-erh (black, caffeine) – chinese, variety of dark fermented tea $3
Oolong (black, caffeine) – chinese, unique withering process under strong sun  $3
Peppermint (no caffeine) – organic, refreshing mint  $3
Chamomile (no caffeine) – organic, calming chamomile flower  $3
Iced Tea (black, caffeine) – black tea; green made upon request  $3

Sodas – coke, diet coke, ginger ale, club soda  $3
Juices – orange, cranberry, grapefruit  $2

  Local Baked Goods

Chocolate Chip Cookies – vegan; best in W’burg!  $2
Brownies – extremely moist  $2
Croissant – freshly baked, flakey Viennese pastry  $3